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Social media. UI/UX and web design. Pitch decks. Basically, anywhere you need to look great.

At Artio, we believe in the power of creativity. Social Graphics. Presentations. Writing. Photography. Web Design. From traditional mediums to user experience, creativity IS how we live. And we want to bring that power to other businesses.


Artio founder, Becca Searns, is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. 4 months. 4 countries. But versus your typical traveler, she’s not going just for fun. She’ll be traveling with a group of smart-minded freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other digital nomads to travel while working remotely.

She recently graduated, from the Rochester Institute of Technology with an MBA and a BFA in New Media Design. Needing to find work to do on the trip, with nothing promising coming up, she decided to put her two degrees to work by starting her own design business. Artio Designs.

Now here we are writing to you. Asking you to support her longing to travel while working on her skills (beats waiting tables don’t you think?) and helping you with your design needs.

Areas of Expertise


graphic design

Graphic Design

web design

UI/UX & Web Design

slide design

Slide Design

blog writing

Blog Writing